Walking to Disneyland: A Fun and Healthy Family Activity

Has your family become too inactive? Would you like to do more things together as a family? Would you like to have a better relationship with your children? Do you want a more healthy family? Walk to Disneyland!. Yes, you heard me, walk to Disneyland or whatever destination your family decides. We did it and we loved it.

Get out a map and find a vacation spot where your family would like to go. You will have at least several months to save up for the vacation, so choose something that fits into your budget. First, measure how many miles your destination is from your house. Take out a big poster board and write down your destination and the miles it takes to get there across the top. For example, walking to Disneyland 800 miles.

Put the names of all the members of the family on the poster. Each time somebody in the family walks, or runs a mile, they can subtract it from the total. It might be fun to add bike riding or rollerblading to the list of ways to travel. Swimming is also an option. When the miles get down to zero, go on a well deserved vacation as a more healthy family.

It is fun to have other contests. For example, the first one to walk 50 miles gets to do a certain activity with Mom or Dad, or the one with the most overall miles gets extra money to spend on the vacation.

Once a week, schedule a time for the whole family to go on a walks together. Each parent could take each child out individually. This is a wonderful way to get to know your family. Have them leave their electronics at home during the family walks.

Another advantage of this activity is that your family will learn how to set goals and achieve them. They may forget about the trip over time, but they won’t forget about all the walking they had to do to earn it.

Our family did this and it was one of the best things that we have ever done. It took us about 6 months to walk to Disneyland. I learned so much about my family. We walked and talked for miles and miles. Our favorite place to walk was along a river that runs by our house. So, get off your couches and take a walk. You won’t regret it.