Upstate New York’s Summer Fun Water Parks

When the hot summer sun is just too much for you to take, the only way to cool down is to seek the nearest swimming hole or head out on a spur of the moment road trip to the nearest water park you can find. If splashing in the backyard kiddie pool or leaping from the rope swing into your local body of water just isn’t cutting it this summer season, try one of these exciting NYS water parks and find yourself just a few hours or less away from home!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari
3183 State Route 28 Old Forge, New York
Open June 15th through September 5th

When you want to plan a family vacation for the summer and you live in New York, the most frequented of resort areas is Old Forge, New York.Six Flags Great Escape, Lake George and some local attractions like a haunted house and UFO museum just a few of the touristy things to do, and then of course, is New York’s largest water park, Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

There are over 50 rides and attractions including their newest gorilla-themed water slide, “The Curse of the Silverback”. A favorite of many daring, thrill-seekers is the massive 280 foot drop of the “Kilimanjaro” water slide. Not recommended for people who are afraid of heights or speed! Travelling at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, you will definitely feel relieved when you hit the bottom.

If riding the water slides isn’t your cup of tea, their are many other attractions to see, including live shows and amusement park style games and even a Circus. They aren’t the most spectacular of shows, and the Circus is mediocre but still fun for the family!

Zoom Flume Water Park
91 Shady Glen Rd E Durham, New York
Open June 24the through September 5th

Zoom Flume Water Park is a smaller water adventure that is perfect for the entire family. Settled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Zoom FLume has something for everybody. whether you are 2 years old or 100 years young, this family sized water park has something for almost anyone.

There are only a couple of big water slides for the thrill-seekers; notably the Black Vortex. This beast is a 2-3 person ride through a twisting tube of darkness! The ride itself is not very fast at all but the twists and turns in complete darkness make this ride what it is.

There is also a Lazy River where you can kick back and relax, drifting on an inflatable tube through the top section of the water park if thrill isn’t really your style. The smaller kids can enjoy the Wild West Water Shootout.

Splashdown Beach
16 Old Route 9, West Fishkill, New York
Open May 25th through September 5th

I know swimming in a place called “Fishkill” may not sound like a fun time, but smack-dab in the middle of it is a wet and wild adventure waiting to happen at Splashdown Beach Water Park, America’s Biggest little Water Park! Rides, games, food, and activities will fill your day full of fun at this refreshing family-sized water park.

Splashdown Beach doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the water rides are just right for comfort and wicked fun as well. Pirate’s Plunge is a doozie and is perfect for the thrill seeker, but New York’s only Zero Gravity water slide, the Humunga Half-pipe, really takes the cake and Splashdown Beach thanks this ride for its rising popularity as well! Definitely a top destination!

The activities here are slim, but among them is one activity that will leave you bouncing in excitement: The Super Bungie Jumper! No death defying jump from any bridge but a super bungie launcher that sends you flying 25 feet into the air, only to land you bouncing and flipping back up into the air from the trampolines below! Way fun, but I’ll stick to the Adventure Island Arcade, thanks!

There are many fun water park destinations in the great State of New York, and most can be arrived at in short 2 hour drive. This summer is a scorcher and there isn’t anything better than the feeling the spray of the water soaking you on those hot and sticky summer days. Have fun getting wet and stay cool!