Top 3 Weekend Escape Ideas

After a hard week of work you often think of doing something different for a change during the weekend. At the same time you may not be keen on spending an enormous amount of money and just take the time to enjoy this time in order to come back from to work the next day. I suggest the following ideas which you should consider.

A great escape for the weekend is horseback riding in the country. If you like horses and animals generally, take a trail in the country and enjoy the natural surroundings. Take your mind of the day to day routine and problems that you might have and take your family and friends to the country side where you can ride across varied terrain and then have lunch or a picnic in the fresh air.

I believe this is great and of course there maybe some horse enthusiasts among you. You don’t really need any gear, just the right clothes and it does not cost much to do.

The second idea I had which may a may not be surprising is of course camping. If you have a couple of sleeping bags and a tent that you can use, throw them in your car and drive out near a lake or a river and enjoy some hiking in natural surrounding even if you have never does this before. Many of you have probably never done this for years and it also gives an opportunity to talk and reconnect with your partner. In the evening you can cook by the fire and swap stories about camping or hiking that you probably remember from childhood.

Fishing is a great addition to your camping experience I believe. If you like fishing and want a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week, do some fishing as well. If you don’t have much experience and wish to learn, you can even invite an instructor to come along or a friend who knows how to fish to teach you the basics. This is certainly another activity that will add an element of excitement to the journey.

Lastly and perhaps the most excitingly, I strongly recommend skiing during the winter. If you get snow locally during the winter but there is no local resort that you can drive in a couple of hours, consider cross country skiing.

Cross country skiing can be less demanding physically on the company you are planning to go with and at the same time can be very enjoyable. Don’t go all out and go through the track you have chosen as fast as you can but enjoy the experience with your friends and family members. This is a social event after all and an opportunity to talk and enjoy the environment. Start early and have lunch in the area. Don’t forget to take photographs of the local surroundings.