Top 3 Places for Dating in New York CIty

New York City is the ideal place for dating. With endless possibilities on where to go, it’s hard to choose just three locations:

When I first met my husband (we met at work), he wasn’t quite sure how to ask me out so he kept talking about how he always wanted to visit Madame Tussuad’s Wax Museum in Times Square, but did not want to go alone. Madame Tussuad’s was somewhere that I had always wanted to visit, but would never go by myself. I decided to take a shot and go. Although a pricey first date (Tickets were $30+ dollars each), if you look around you can often find b1g1 deal coupons at several other locations throughout the city. One would be at the McDonald’s near the Museum. Also, upon leaving Madame Tussuad’s you are given a coupon by the staff for which to use on your next visit. Throughout the museum pictures are taken of you which can also lead to additional expenses so be sure to bring extra money with you. It’s not mandatory that you buy the photos but most people would like to have a memory of their special day. There is also a rather large gift shop. The highlight of the date for me was the American Idol stage where you can “Karaoke” sing your heart out. I’ll never forget the tears in my future husband’s eyes that day as I belted out “On My Own” from Les Miserables (luckily I know how to sing).

Our second date was just as exciting as the first. The Museum of Natural History which I think is the 2nd best place for a date in NYC. Though the train ride was long, and the butterfly exhibit I had originally wanted to see cost extra money (doesn’t everything in NY cost extra?), it was worth it in the end. Going to a Museum is definitely an ice breaker for a 2nd date. There are tons of interesting things around you to talk about so there is never a dull moment. Our favorite part had to be the under the sea room where you really feel like you are under water. We never made it to the Planetarium that day, but we have always vowed to make the trip back.

The 3rd and final location I would like to tell you about, may sound corny to some, but I would say that Toys R Us Times Square is a wonderful place for a date. Though we visited it many times throughout the course of our dating (we still go there on occasion) it brings out the inner child in the best possible way. With something for everyone, I guarantee you will not leave without at least purchasing one trinket while visiting. The life-size Barbie doll house was the best part for me. The giant lifelike moving Tyrannosaurus Rex was the highlight for him. There are always employees throughout the store demonstrating the latest gadgets. There is even a giant Ferris Wheel which you can ride on, inside the store. What better place to go for that first smooch then atop one of the cars of the Ferris Wheel? The candy bar is sure to bring out that sweet tooth in anyone.

So you see, it doesn’t really matter how much money you spend on the date, it’s the location that makes the date.