Tips for Driving in Italy

Sometimes driving in a foreign country can be very confusing and nerve wracking. Maybe the tips below will help you in some way.

No doubt Italy is a beautiful country. Italy does offer a little bit of all kinds of scenery. There’s always something to see.

1) First you must have a full UK license and be 18 or older. So even if you have a license and are 17, you cannot drive in Italy.
2) Always drive on the right hand side of the road, and pass on the left hand side.
3) No cell phone use unless have a hands free kit. They feel this cuts down on accidents.
4) Seatbelts are mandatory in Italy, both front and back.
5) You can be fined if you have a child under the age of 12 in the front seat.
6) It is also mandatory that you carry with you a reflective vest and a reflective triangle at all times.
7) If you are visiting Italy, it is worthwhile to carry registration papers, insurance papers and driving license on your person.

Speed limits there are very strict. Speed limits are as follows:
• Motorway Speeds 13km/h
• Main Highways 110km/h
• Trunk Roads 90km/h
• Residential Road 50km/h

If you have been driving less than 3 years, you are not permitted to drive over 100km/h on motorways or 90km/h on main highways.

Also limit your alcohol to only 50mg per 100ml of blood volume.

The following is a short list of road rules you might find helpful:
• Buses, emergency vehicles, trams and trains have the right of way.
• Even in daylight hours headlights should be on
• You must have EU style license plates and GB sticker if car is not registered in Italy
• You must give right of way to traffic joining from the right.
• Priority is given to the car traveling upward on a hill or mountain
• Due to smog conditions at times, traffic may be halted. At other times they may switch to odd and even license plates
• You stay in your car at gas stations as most have attendants on duty. They will pump your fuel for you
• You cannot buy leaded fuel in Italy
• Due to numerous mountains there are many long tunnels and bridges

There are many historic centres in Italy. You must obtain a pass for these centres. Each city requires an individual pass. Anything marked ZTL in black on a yellow background requires a pass.
Enjoy your trip to Italy. If you plan on doing any driving maybe these tips will help.