Sunday Farmer’s Market in Sacramento, California

There is truly nothing better then fresh produce, especially in the winter season when you cannot grow it yourself. I usually grow all of my own vegetables organically in the summer season, but then when winter rolls around I am out of luck, and I simply don’t like the produce that I find at the grocery store. The Sunday Farmer’s Market in Sacramento, CA located on 8th & W St is the best solution, I love getting my weeks worth of produce here because there are so many vegetables and the quality is so good. Yes, there are bigger farmers markets in the area such as Denio’s in Roseville, but I much prefer the quiet urban atmosphere of the Sunday Farmer’s Market, and the prices are so good that I always leave with more products then I can eat. Definitely if you love produce, I would recommend heading to the Sunday Farmer’s Market on 8th & W St in Sacramento, CA for a real treat.Selection:

The selection at the Sunday Farmer’s Market seems to get bigger with every visit, and the vendors are always wonderfully prepared with lots of beautiful produce. Another thing that really impresses me about the vendors at the Sunday Farmer’s Market is that a lot of the produce is organic, which would cost me much more at the grocery store then it does here. The selection has every type of vegetable that you could want, as well as fruits; I even found some of the most delicious cherries that I have ever eaten at the Sunday Farmer’s Market.


The location is also ideal with lots of good parking, and the heat from the sun is limited by excellent booths and shading, making for a comfortable experience.

If you want to experience organic and local produce in Sacramento, then the only place to go is the Sunday Farmer’s Market, the selection will impress you and the prices will impress you even more.

Sunday Farmer’s Market

Neighborhood: 8th & W St
Sacramento, CA 95816
United States of America