St. Augustine Motel Review: The Vilano Beach Motel

The Vilano Beach Motel brings value to a vacation in St. Augustine. Located on Vilano Beach, the Vilano Beach Motel offers a clean, comfortable place to stay for a reasonable price.

If you are looking for a place to basically sleep and shower the Vilano Beach Motel will suit your needs nicely. It is not the newest lodging place in St. Augustine, but they do keep it well maintained. The rooms are equipped with kitchens which are fully loaded except of course for food. There were plenty of towels, shampoo and soap. Anything we needed was a simple phone call away to the front desk.

Sometimes it isn’t the luxurious amenities of a place, it’s the people who make it special. Such is the case at the Vilano Beach Motel. The staff was very friendly. In fact, striking up a conversation with them came as natural as talking to an old friend.

The location is perfect as it is located very close to the beach. If sand and salt water isn’t your thing then they have a pool that is well maintained and open all the time. My daughter was so excited to be able to swim in the pool in the evening after a day at the beach.

The Vilano Beach Motel is ideal for any type of visitor. Families will enjoy staying here, as well as couples and singles. Pets are even welcome.

Depending on your needs, there may be a few things that may or may not matter. For example, it is an old building and there is no breakfast in the lobby. However, the price you pay is lower based probably in part because of the age of the building.

There are a few restaurants nearby and a convenience store which is great for anything you may need.

I would recommend staying at the Vilano Beach Motel if you are looking for inexpensive lodging with adequate facilities and more of a small business feel. However, if you require the free continental breakfast, newer building and amenities then you would probably feel better staying at a higher priced hotel.

Vilano Beach Motel

50 Vilano Road

Saint Augustine, FL 32095