Sights To See At Avila Beach, California

Avila Beach is located on the Central Coast of California, about 3 miles South of San Luis Obispo, and about 45 minutes North of Santa Barbara. Most people traveling on highway 101 don’t even know that Avila Beach is there.

You may or may not notice a small sign pointing you in its direction. Once you take either San Luis Bay Drive or Avila Beach Road off Highway 101, you only need to travel another 4 to 5 miles before you see a jaw-dropping site! First, you pass a large golf course, then wind around some residential areas, and all of a sudden, you see three beautiful piers surrounded by a mass a blue ocean. There is lots of available parking, most of it for free. Pick a spot, check in, and start walking, shopping, eating, drinking.

You will find several moderately priced hotels, and homes for rent. One beautiful hotel in particular is The Inn at Avila Beach. It is located at the top a small hill, and has quaint rooms decorated of course, with a beach motif. The best part about the Inn at Avila Beach is the roof-top patios available to all the hotel’s occupants. On this patio you will not only find a fabulous view of the ocean and all its inhabitants, but there are hammocks, barbecue pits, sofas, tables, sinks, and television set! I am telling you, this is the place to be. It does not get more relaxing than this! There is also a hotel just two blocks away called La Fonda. I would say that this hotel is more of a winter time get-away. There are small porches and some ocean views, but a beautiful hotel, non-the-less.

As far as shopping goes, there are several lovely little shops on the main street of Avila Beach. One of my favorites is The Sea Barn. In this cute little store, you will find clothes, jewelry, and all sorts of stuff to make you trip to Avila Beach well worth it. There is also a great little place called Footseas. Here you will find beautiful artwork and home accessories.

For eating and drinking, you will find several wonderful businesses. There is The Custom House where you can have a great meal while enjoying the view. There is Mr. Rick’s that offers quick snack and cool drinks. If you would like some special treats, try the Hula Hut for its delicious fudge or one of the several ice cream shops located just down the way. If you are just Avila Beach visiting for the day, you will find huge choice of picnic tables and private barbecue pits.

The activities in Avila Beach include volleyball, basketball, bike rentals, boat rentals, walking trails, and much more. It is a great idea to check the Avila Beach events calendar before finalizing your plans. You may find an art show, a great band or a featured event on the promenade. If you are there in the summer season, you will be able to enjoy Avila Beach’s Farmer’s Market on Friday nights. This event is what Avila Beach is most popular for. There is food to sample, vendors to visit, and lots of entertainment for both, children and adults

All in all; Avila Beach is full of friendly faces, fun activities, and beautiful scenery. Make sure you take enough time off from work to enjoy all of it. You will not want to leave early!

Sightseeing in Avila Beach, California

Neighborhood: Downtown
Avila Beach, CA 93424
United States of America