Review of HoteLumiere in Saint Louis Missouri

On a recent visit to Saint Louis, Missouri we stayed at HoteLumiere in downtown St. Louis. The hotel is an all suites hotel adjacent that also offers a casino, plenty of dining options, and nightlife.

The hotel itself is a very nice hotel but it does have its downsides. We had never visited St. Louis before and were quite shocked at what we discovered. To us St. Louis, or at least the part of St. Louis we were in, seemed very run down. There were homeless and panhandlers everywhere you turned, and you definitely had the feeling that you were in the most dangerous city in America. Due to this we decided to take advantage of the hotel’s valet service, which is available for $20 per night. If you do not use valet service you are automatically charged a $10 per night self-parking fee.

The lobby of the hotel is gorgeous, with a huge waterfall, lounge area, and bar in the center of it. The hotel’s pool is also located in the main lobby. The rooms are nice in size, and each room offers a separate sitting area and sleeping area. What I disliked about the hotel rooms were you could tell they were in need of a serious cleaning. We actually had to be moved to a second room in the middle of the first night due to an issue with our air conditioner so we were able to see two separate rooms and both rooms had the same issues. There was only one garbage can in the entire room and it was located in the bathroom, without a trash bag in it. Both rooms were dusty, and just really needed cleaning. For the cost of the rooms my expectations were much higher.

In the pool area there are no chairs or places to sit if you are not in the pool. The pool water is very cold. You must have a wristband from the hotel and these are limited to four per room. There is a pool attendant on duty while the pool is open to enforce this.

Before visiting the hotel I had encountered several reviews that stated the hotel staff was very unfriendly. I must disagree here. During our visit the hotel staff did treat us with respect, and did go out of their way to help us with any concerns, or needs we had. In this area they did a superb job.

So here are my thoughts on the hotel. If you are visiting Saint Louis HoteLumiere is a nice hotel to stay at, it’s conveniently located to downtown, and does have several good amenities to offer. I do think the hotel staff does need to focus more on the details when cleaning the guest rooms, and should definitely consider investing in some comfortable furniture in the pool area because not everyone will always wants to be in the pool.

You can learn more about HoteLumiere by visiting their website.