Restaurant Review: Parabola, Powai, Mumbai, India

Ambience & Service: Rodas is a surprisingly small hotel. At first glance, you wouldn’t believe it to be a 4-star hotel! But what truly sets a hotel apart is the interiors and focus on service and this is where Rodas stands out. Parabola, which is their flagship 24-hour café / restaurant, is located bang at the entrance of the hotel. One actually notices it first, even before the front desk. Its large glass doors give a preview into what one is getting themselves into. Typical of any high end hotel, the interior décor is simply stunning. It’s a largely plain white theme giving one the sense of more personal space than there actually is. The layout is non-orthodox meaning there isn’t really a shape I can recall to describe how it is structured. Its slightly oval but square at some ends. The furniture is wooden while the chairs are a modern mix of wood and steel. The service is top notch and at 5-star standards. Pretty impressive for a small 4-star hotel located 40 kilometers from the city centre. The staff are courteous and chatty so feel free to discuss anything you wish with them.

Food & Pricing: The menu has something for everyone’s palette. Being a multi cuisine restaurant, one finds local dishes like Thanjavur Kolambu (typical south Indian dish) to Irish stew and Boxty potatoes. Being one of the few 24 hours establishments in the region, it is hugely popular for its midnight buffet – which runs from midnight till about 3 am. The buffet serves dishes like Steak Diane, Lobster Catherine, pastas, pizzas and even custom sandwiches. The cost is about Rs. 400 for the midnight version, but they run buffets through the day as well. That’s costs a tad higher at about Rs. 600 per head. The pricing is definitely very modest given the quality of food and service. One of the highlights of the place is the desserts. The buffet has on display some of the most mouth watering and sinful desserts I’ve ever had. The black and white chocolate mousse was simply delicious. Besides that the mashed fruit pie was unique and very tangy.

Summary: Parabola is unique, refreshing and great value for money. Fantastic and energizing ambience topped off by personalized service makes it a treat to be here. The through the day buffets provide tremendous bang for the buck especially when the range of the menu has something for everyone. Definitely a must visit for those who are in the neighborhood and works for one and all – couples, families and individuals alike.