Planning List for Vacationing with Your Dog

Most people take plenty of time to plan out their vacations, choosing the right hotels and the perfect destinations for a fun and relaxing journey. But when you travel with a pet, there are other things you need to consider from a small and fury perspective. Here are some things you should think about when traveling with your dog. The do’s and don’ts, planning and preparation.

Identification and Records – The first, and most important thing to remember is identification. This is important not only for your pet’s health, but also in case the dog becomes lost. All tags should be firmly attached to your dogs collar, and keeping a couple photos on hand is also a good idea. Vaccination records should always be on hand when traveling with a dog, in the event that an emergency arises.

Remember the Obvious – Surprisingly enough, the things that are the most obvious, are the things you most often forget. Leashes, collars, kennels, and even first aid kits are some of the important must-have’s that can be forgotten. Also don’t forget food and water! Even if your destination supplies it for you. Travel bowls and containers can make this job easier and can be found at most pet supply stores. While food is important, if you are traveling by car it is also important to let your pet travel on an empty stomach during the ride to avoid motion sickness. Water should always be provided though, keeping your pooch hydrated is extremely important.

Extras – Other things to remember are the extras. Things like dog treats and favorite toys should also be remembered. It is a good idea to bring something from home, like a blanket or a bed that smells like home and will comfort your dog while traveling to a strange place. This helps to keep the stress levels to a minimum and keep your dog happy.

Lodging – Remember to always check for hotels that accept dogs, and ask what the rules are for keeping pets in the hotel. Also keep your dog on a leash at all times,(unless in a private room) and never leave your pet unattended. When walking your dog, make sure you are aware of the places this is allowed by asking the hotel management, and never forget to pick up after your dog.