Night Out in Downtown San Jose

Are you a local in San Jose? Perhaps you’re just visiting and looking for all the inside secrets of the best places to go? Well as a downtown local, I am glad to share with you the best places to go for dining, entertainment, and the best of the vibrant social nightlife here in San Jose! So let’s begin the adventure!

Well since no activity is fun on an empty stomach, Let’s begin by grabbing a bite at Flames Eatery and Bar. Located right on the corner of 4th and San Fernando, Flames has a variety of foods that are all delicious in a very modern style atmosphere at a very reasonable price! Sounds like a combination that can’t be beat! They also serve very large portions for most entrees. Be sure to try the homemade bread pudding for desert!

Now that our appetites are satisfied let’s go see a great local show at the California Theatre! Located on North 1st Street between San Carlos and San Salvador, the California Theatre hosts a variety of live performances as well as showings of old fashioned movies. You can even rent out space for personal events.

Well the show at the theatre is over and it’s getting late so now what? It’s time to enjoy the nightlife of San Jose! With a major university right downtown and plenty of great bars and clubs, it’s no wonder San Jose is known for its vibrant nightlife! A personal favorite of mine is Britannia Arms, also known as The Brit, on Santa Clara Street right around the corner from San Pedro Square. With a very friendly staff, plenty of TV’s always playing the major sports games, delicious food to snack on, and a large outdoor patio, you couldn’t ask for more! To top it off they have live bands and DJ’s almost every night and even stand up comedy sometimes! It’s always good to know the outdoor patio is heated on those cold winter days.

Well now that you have an idea of what one fun evening in San Jose is like, it’s time to go try it out! Be sure to check back on my page often as I will be writing more soon on even more great places in San Jose and the easiest ways to get there. Downtown San Jose is a tough place to park and the transit system is a great way to get around so be sure to look for more on that later. Also let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to know about entertainment in Downtown San Jose and I will be sure to write on it!