Midtown Sacramento’s Una Mas Mexican Grill

Midtown Sacramento, California has a thriving local restaurant scene where you can choose from such cuisine as Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, Mexican and more. It doesn’t matter where you park your car in Midtown because you will most always be within walking distance to a big variety of eating establishments. Una Mas is one such establishment located conveniently on P Street, right off of Highway 50, and across the way from the tree shaded Winn Park.

Una Mas in Midtown Sacramento serves to its customers an authentic, yet modern, grilled Mexican cuisine. You cannot even think about comparing Una Mas to the completely Americanized Mexican fast food chains. A giant warm tortilla filled with watery canned beans and sprinkled with see through cheese is not real Mexican food. If I am going to be eating Mexican food, it is important to me that it be authentic and tasty Mexican cuisine, and Una Mas is one of the best places in Sacramento to go for such food.

When you walk into the front door at Una Mas at 2801 P Street in Sacramento, California, you usually won’t be greeted by an employee, but staff attitude appears friendly and nice. The restaurant is clean and smells delicious with Mexican food. You order at the counter, find a place to sit, and a server will bring your food right to you. There is indoor and outdoor seating available. If the weather is pleasant, I tend to like to sit outside under one of their giant umbrellas. P Street runs right next to the outdoor seating, but the cars going by really aren’t that loud or distracting, so you can enjoy your lunch and a conversation with a friend.

On the menu are burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas and soups. I most always get the Taqueria Tacos where you can get two tacos for around $4.00 or three for $5.50. You get to choose between chicken, steak, or one of each, which is what I do, and they come with salsa, cilantro and onions on a small, war corn tortilla. These tacos are little, so if you’re hunger, I don’t recommend ordering these. My husband is a big eater and will always order a meaty burrito from Una Mas’ tasty selection. His favorite is the Foghead Burrito, $6.59, which comes with barbecued chicken, cheese, rice, black beans, guacamole, sour cream, roasted Pasilla, and salsa all wrapped in a warm chile-tomato tortilla. Heads up: all of the food on the Una Mas menu is spicy on some level no matter what salsa you choose; good for the sinuses. Fully stuffed meat or vegetarian burritos range in price from $4.50 to $7.50.

Chips are free with your purchase, which you will find warm and crispy in individual little baskets in a covered metal container. I really do appreciate that they have the chips ready in baskets ahead of time because there’s nothing worse than seeing someone filling their own chip basket and not knowing where their hands have been. After you get your chips and choice of salsa, head to the soda fountain and full her up. As long as you have made a food purchase off the menu, get-it-yourself soda refills are currently at no charge; same with the chips.

If you are in Midtown Sacramento and have a craving for good authentic Mexican food from a small local business, stop on by Una Mas on P Street. Once you’ve tried their food, you’ll most likely want to go back again to satisfy your hunger and to introduce a friend to it.