Marie’s Donuts in Sacramento, California

If there is one thing that this writer loves more then anything it is donuts, I simply cannot live without them and my doctor hates me for that I am sure. Donuts are the things that make my morning complete, especially when I am swamped with work from various places, and I just need the warm taste of glazed donuts or my personally favorite, the bear claw. Marie’s Donuts is a place in Sacramento where you can experience excellent donuts, with a variety of flavorings to choose from and a friendly atmosphere Marie’s Donuts will leave you very pleased.

The Selection and Taste:

The selection at Marie’s Donuts is one of the best parts of the whole experience, because there is literally every type of Donuts that you could ever want, including the ever popular glazed and bear claw varieties which are my personal favorite. The taste is a whole other story, with a simply amazing texture and feeling these donuts really do taste freshly made, and they are always so warm that you will want to keep coming back for more on a rainy day.

The atmosphere is the classic donut shop atmosphere, small and quiet with lots of seating for the locals to come and enjoy the news paper and a donut. The location is in a perfect part of Sacramento, and Marie’s Donuts is open at 1 a.m. which means that you can even enjoy a donut late at night, and I tend to have many of these late night donut cravings. The atmosphere at Marie’s Donuts is also very clean, and the employees are very friendly and knowledgeable, and they really give you 5 star services even if you aren’t a regular. Donuts in Sacramento don’t get any better then Marie’s Donuts, from taste to price.


Want a Donut? Well, the best place to grab an affordable and fresh donut in my opinion is Marie’s Donuts in Sacramento, California.

Marie’s Donuts

Neighborhood: Landpark
Sacramento, CA 95818
United States of America