Hiking in Enchanted Rock State Park in Fredericksburg, Texas

Just to let you know, the Enchanted Rock State Park is open all year-round, except for Public Hunts. That marks how truly captivating the place is and that even during winter, visitors flock to witness the natural beauty and wonder of the pink rock formation. One more thing you might want to consider is setting your alarm clock early. There are times when the park gets very populated, especially during peak seasons. As a result, they sometimes close the park even as early as 11 am. The park welcomes guests seven days a week so it if you can visit on a weekday, the better.

The Enchanted Rock State Park is approximately two hours away from San Antonio, Texas and it offers a fairly splendid day trip for an experience beyond compare for both visitors and locals of any nearby towns of San Antonio. Hiking the amazing big pink rock is remarkably enjoyable. Rest assured that you’re going to have an extraordinary adventure exploring the great outdoors. However, as mentioned above, there are important reminders you might need to know right up front before you hike the summit trail.

You need to tank up before and during your hike. Remember to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Pack some bottled water and snacks for the hike. Bringing packed lunch or any food you prefer for a picnic after the tiring hike would be a great idea as well. However, if picnicking is not in your itinerary, you can visit Fredericksburg’s downtown and dine in to any local restaurants of your choice.

Suit up appropriately. Check up on the weather before leaving your doorstep. Then determine how you want to dress up for your hike. Just bear in mind the essentials: a cap or hat, sunglasses, and a pair of sturdy comfortable shoes. Wear sun block to guarantee your skin’s health. If you are a bit more apprehensive, you can wear long sleeves and long pants if you prefer.

Trees are scarce especially when you reach the top of the summit trail. So preparation is your armor against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. And if the day is predicted to be hot and sunny, it is highly recommended to hike in the early morning to avoid the scorching heat.

Steer clear of the vernal pools. Once you reached the top of the summit, you will find numerous sizes of vernal pools. These are like puddles which are amazingly beautiful. The park is requesting visitors to stay out of the vernal pools for the sake of the rare species living in them, such as the fairy shrimps and the rock quillwort. So as a visitor, giving due respect to the vernal pools and the surroundings in general is substantial. Moving or defacing the rocks are also prohibited. Basically, these are the park’s notifications regarding their environment that visitors are expected to comply with.

Be vigilant and remain safe. Always stay alert and on the lookout. As how the park warns every hiker, “The summit trail is rocky, steep and often slippery.” That is where the importance of wearing sturdy comfortable shoes emerges. You need a dependable pair of shoes to keep you out of danger. Taking your time going up and down the rock is also a significant reminder for all the hikers. There is another tip you ought to take into account. One tactic to reach the bottom is to zigzag your route especially in steep sides of the rock. Never attempt a straight descend. If you can’t help it, slow down!

Leave no trace. Come and go as is. Support the park in maintaining the Enchanted Rock beautiful and clean. If you have trash with you, keep it inside your pocket or bag and dispose it properly. There are several trash bins around the park so it is never a challenge to offer your helping hand in preserving the park. You can pick up some trash as well if you see one and be an angel to the environment.

If you wish to be more acquainted with the park’s rules and policies, the park’s official website is indicated below. And lastly, have a ball!

Address: 16710 Ranch Rd 965 Fredericksburg, Texas

Entrance Fee: $6.00 per person of 13 years old and older; per day

Activities: camping, hiking, technical and rock climbing, picnicking, bird watching and star-gazing

Contact Number: 512-389-8900