Great Local Coffee Shops in Ridgway Colorado

Coffee shops are a great way to meet people and unwind and in Ridgway, Colorado you can do just that at any of the local coffee shops. Ridgway has three coffee shops and each is unique compared to the hustle and bustle of big city coffee shops.

Locals take pride in having independent coffee shops owned and operated by its residents. Each coffee shop is very different offering local coffees and teas. You won’t find Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee offered by any of the coffee shops Ridgway, Colorado.

At any of these local coffee shops, you might be asked where you come from or where you’re going to. Ridgway is a small town of 700 residents and many tourists visit here or pass through. The locals will meet and greet you as well as help you with directions, or tell you about a favorite hiking trail. Whatever business or pleasure brings you to Ridgway, Colorado make sure you stop into one of the coffee shops to relax and get some local information.

Cimarron Books and CoffeeHouse

A nice congenial atmosphere awaits those who enter this coffee shop. It’s a small shop owned by a local resident named Priscilla and it’s quite homey. The smell of freshly brewed coffee will greet you as you open the door. As you enter the coffee bar will be in front of you where you can order coffee, tea, or a latté. Some pastries are served here but this coffee shop is more about the coffee and less about what goes with coffee, except books.

In an adjoining room is a small book shop where you can sit in a chair or on the one couch in the room and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea. Cimarron Books caters to local authors and you can leisurely peruse some of southern Colorado’s talents. You might even find yourself sitting next to Willa, the coffee shop’s resident cat. She may look up at you, but don’t worry, she’s friendly and not a lap cat.

Cimarron Books and CoffeeHouse is located on the main street in Ridgway which is called Sherman Street. It’s also route 62. They are open seven days a week from 7am – 6 pm.


Cups is the newest coffee shop in Ridgway and it’s owned by a husband-wife team. They not only have coffee and tea, but they also serve wine, beer, mojitos, smoothies, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, soups, and wraps. Cups has lots of different flavored teas kept in tins on shelves and catagorized by black teas, green teas, red teas, and decaf teas (herbal teas). If you’re a tea drinker, this is the coffee shop to visit.

Cups has a small retail area where they sell coffee pots and teapots along with matching cups and saucers. Locally handmade soaps are also featured here. On the walls, Cups has paintings from a featured local artist which changes monthly. With all the beautiful scenery here in Ridgway, there’s a lot for an artist to paint.

Cups coffee shop is located across from the park in the center of town. The park is on Sherman Street which is the main street in town. Cups is open Tuesday-Friday, 7:30 am – 5 pm, and Satuday 9-5. Cups is closed Sunday & Monday right now, but will be open 7 days a week after Memorial Day.

The Galloping Goose

This is the biggest coffee shop in Ridgway, Colorado and serves freshly brewed coffee along with lattés and a limited choice of tea. Fresh pastries are baked each morning at this coffee shop and they serve home-style breakfasts and lunch seven days a week. This coffee shop is a favorite among the locals.

The Galloping Goose coffee shop is named for the railroad train that used to come through here. Trains no longer run through Ridgway and the owners wanted to remember the Galloping Goose train by naming their coffee shop after it.

The Galloping Goose coffee shop is located on route 550 and is a favorite stop for travelers. Good prices, large servings, fresh pastries, and friendliness are the attractions here. This coffee shop is open seven days a week from 8 am – 2 pm.