Scuba Diving in Guanica Puerto Rico

On the south-western corner of Puerto Rico sits the sleepy little fishing village of Guánica. It sits nestled on a natural harbor protected by rocky cliffs. Guánica boasts the beautiful beaches of Playa Santa, the protected Guánica Dry Forest Reserve (the arid counterpoint to Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rain Forest on the opposite side of the island), and even a nearby bioluminescent bay. It is this unique coastal landscape that sets a beautiful backdrop to some of the island’s best diving.

The underwater landscape matches the shore in that Guánica’s most famous sites are walls. The reef starts very close to the surface at the mouth of the natural harbor making navigation a bit tricky during low tide. The depth slowly increases until you hit the wall, where it drops off vertically down a few hundred feet. There is something surreal about wall diving, when the coral is next to and even above you rather than carpeting the floor.

While diving Guánica, take your underwater camera. We encountered several photo favorites, including several very large nurse sharks, many moray eels, a beautiful green turtle, lobsters, groupers and huge schools of snapper and grunt. There are also a healthy number of fancy reef fish, like angelfish, parrotfish, damsels, and butterfly fish. Depths range from shallow (20-30 ft) to medium (60 ft) on the coral reefs, and drop from 60 ft to 150 – 200 ft on the wall. The diving is all year long, but the in season is summer, from May to September. We went diving in October and the water was still in the 70’s. Winter diving brings clear water conditions and high visibility.

We stayed at the Copamarina Resort. Since they require only 2 divers to schedule a dive, bring your buddy on the off season and have the boat to yourself. That’s what we did. However, I could tell the operation was clearly able to handle larger groups with ease. Other options are to rent a room or apartment on Punta Gorda, a beautiful pennisula right next to the famous Playa Santa beach and just across from Gilligan’s Island.

There are other boarding options, including summer cottage rentals and the Puerto Rican hostels called Paradors. After the diving is done, spend some time on the Playa Santa beaches, or take a ferry out to the mangrove covered Gilligan’s Island to layout on the beach or swim in the small channels cutting through the mini islands. There are picnic tables and grills. Or hike one of the 12 trails in the Guánica Dry Forest Reserve, or “Bosque Seco” as known locally. After hiking, cool off with a jump in one of Puerto Rico’s best beaches.

Copamarina Beach Resort
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Mary Lee’s by the Sea
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Upstate New York’s Summer Fun Water Parks

When the hot summer sun is just too much for you to take, the only way to cool down is to seek the nearest swimming hole or head out on a spur of the moment road trip to the nearest water park you can find. If splashing in the backyard kiddie pool or leaping from the rope swing into your local body of water just isn’t cutting it this summer season, try one of these exciting NYS water parks and find yourself just a few hours or less away from home!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari
3183 State Route 28 Old Forge, New York
Open June 15th through September 5th

When you want to plan a family vacation for the summer and you live in New York, the most frequented of resort areas is Old Forge, New York.Six Flags Great Escape, Lake George and some local attractions like a haunted house and UFO museum just a few of the touristy things to do, and then of course, is New York’s largest water park, Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

There are over 50 rides and attractions including their newest gorilla-themed water slide, “The Curse of the Silverback”. A favorite of many daring, thrill-seekers is the massive 280 foot drop of the “Kilimanjaro” water slide. Not recommended for people who are afraid of heights or speed! Travelling at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, you will definitely feel relieved when you hit the bottom.

If riding the water slides isn’t your cup of tea, their are many other attractions to see, including live shows and amusement park style games and even a Circus. They aren’t the most spectacular of shows, and the Circus is mediocre but still fun for the family!

Zoom Flume Water Park
91 Shady Glen Rd E Durham, New York
Open June 24the through September 5th

Zoom Flume Water Park is a smaller water adventure that is perfect for the entire family. Settled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Zoom FLume has something for everybody. whether you are 2 years old or 100 years young, this family sized water park has something for almost anyone.

There are only a couple of big water slides for the thrill-seekers; notably the Black Vortex. This beast is a 2-3 person ride through a twisting tube of darkness! The ride itself is not very fast at all but the twists and turns in complete darkness make this ride what it is.

There is also a Lazy River where you can kick back and relax, drifting on an inflatable tube through the top section of the water park if thrill isn’t really your style. The smaller kids can enjoy the Wild West Water Shootout.

Splashdown Beach
16 Old Route 9, West Fishkill, New York
Open May 25th through September 5th

I know swimming in a place called “Fishkill” may not sound like a fun time, but smack-dab in the middle of it is a wet and wild adventure waiting to happen at Splashdown Beach Water Park, America’s Biggest little Water Park! Rides, games, food, and activities will fill your day full of fun at this refreshing family-sized water park.

Splashdown Beach doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the water rides are just right for comfort and wicked fun as well. Pirate’s Plunge is a doozie and is perfect for the thrill seeker, but New York’s only Zero Gravity water slide, the Humunga Half-pipe, really takes the cake and Splashdown Beach thanks this ride for its rising popularity as well! Definitely a top destination!

The activities here are slim, but among them is one activity that will leave you bouncing in excitement: The Super Bungie Jumper! No death defying jump from any bridge but a super bungie launcher that sends you flying 25 feet into the air, only to land you bouncing and flipping back up into the air from the trampolines below! Way fun, but I’ll stick to the Adventure Island Arcade, thanks!

There are many fun water park destinations in the great State of New York, and most can be arrived at in short 2 hour drive. This summer is a scorcher and there isn’t anything better than the feeling the spray of the water soaking you on those hot and sticky summer days. Have fun getting wet and stay cool!

Boating Near Tonto Basin, Arizona

Are you looking for a great boating location in Arizona?

Roosevelt Lake, near Tonto Basin, Arizona, can provide some great opportunities for boaters of all types.

Roosevelt Lake is a great scenic desert retreat. Whether you are a fisherman, water skier, jet skier, or wake boarder, you will be pleased with the opportunities presented you here.

Opportunities on the water.

Roosevelt Lake boasts an impressive 22,000 surface acres of water. This means that at its most busy, you could be left completely alone in one of its many spacious coves, or not have a care in the world about flying at top speed across the open middle. For a good time, water skiing, jet skiing, wake boarding, and tubing are but a few of the many activities available.


The Roosevelt Lake marina has a ship store, covered and uncovered wet slips, dry storage and boat rental. Gasoline is also available here.


If you plan on camping at Roosevelt Lake, The 112 miles of shore line is going to make getting a good spot a breeze. In addition, Roosevelt has some developed camp sites with Cholla and Windy Hill campgrounds providing restrooms, and warm showers.

Fees and permits needed.

To enjoy the use of Roosevelt Lake, you will need to purchase a “Tonto Pass.” The pass is a 24 hour use permit that is used for more than 50 recreation sites where a daily use permit is needed. The cost of these passes are $6.00 for each vehicle and an additional $4.00 for every watercraft. You can get Tonto Passes from many local retailers.

All in all Roosevelt Lake, near Tonto Basin Arizona is a great lake for water sport recreation and boating as well as fishing and camping. If you are trying to decide where to take your next vacation, or even just a weekend getaway, look no further than Roosevelt Lake!

Top 3 Boat Rental Companies in Arizona

Ironically enough, perhaps you are visiting the state of Arizona for the sole purpose of boating. Perhaps you are a resident of this fine state and want to find a nice and leisurely activity to enjoy in the summer heat. Well, this article can help, if you are trying to find well-known and reputable boat rentals in Arizona.

Action Adventure Rentals!
Located in Lake Havasu City, Action Adventure Rentals is definitely one of the prime favorites for local boat renters. It has a variety of different boats that can be rented are various fair prices, such as the Crest Pontoon, Deck Boat, Ski Boat, and others. If you would like to gain rental information from this company, simply go to their website and fill out their online rental information form. They have had many good reviews from common citizens and are heard to be very reliable. If you would like to reach Action Adventure Rentals by phone, their current number is 928-854-5377. This is the same number as their fax number. If you want to go boating around Lake Havasu, this is definitely a company that you should rent from.

Precision Marine! This company is located in Mesa and offers a wide variety of “marine” things for rental, including, of course, boats. There are a few things to keep in mind before renting a boat from this company, however. First of all, you cannot reserve a boat on the same day- you have to do so at least 24 hours in advance. In addition to this rule, the minimum boat rental is one hour. If you choose to take one of their boats for a shorter time, you will be charged the same price as you would for one hour. Just call 480-986-0969 for more information if you are considering renting a boat from Precision Marine. I assure you that you will not regret it. Make sure to visit their website too.

Seven Crown!
In addition to being a houseboat rental company, this company also rents out small boats. Seven Crown is located around Lake Mohave, and offers a variety of small boats for rental such as ski boats, patio boats, and fishing boats. You can make a reservation by calling 1-800-752-9669, and don’t forget to visit the company’s website! They have really great deals on boats and do have other locations in Arizona, although Lake Mohave is the most popular of those.

I sincerely hope that this article has aided you in search for some great boat rental places in the state of Arizona. Have fun boating!

Review: Canoe Rental from Battenkill Riversports and Campground

This review is based on my own personal experience and opinions.
I called Battenkill Riversports and Campground on Wednesday to get a canoe rental for that Saturday and the woman I spoke with said I didn’t need one as no one had made reservations for Father’s Day weekend.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground rents canoes, kayaks and inner tubes for use on the Battenkill River. Battenkill Riversports and Campground staff drive you up and drop you off upriver and you float down to an exit point at the campground. You can then return your rentals or camp in a tent, cabin or RV site by the river.

The holiday weekend forecast was going to be sunny, hot and muggy; the perfect day for hanging out at the river and I thought it was strange that no one had made reservations for a canoe at Battenkill Riversports and Campground.

The large brown Battenkill Riversports and Campground sign, with a real red and yellow kayak hanging from it like a hammock, beckoned us to turn several miles down Route 313, just outside of Cambridge, NY.

Then I saw why we didn’t need a reservation for a boat rental at Battenkill Riversports and Campground. Down a short driveway is a small shed encased on all sides by camping and recreation equipment. Mounds of yellow and green inner tubes are piled up outside, almost as high as the roof. Next to those, there is a ménage of ancient passenger vans, each one towing a boat rack with no less than a dozen canoes and kayaks each. An adjacent smaller shed houses an array of paddles and life jackets. Out front, at least 50 mesh bags of firewood stood guard.

The shed at Battenkill Riversports and Campground houses the office for both the campground and the river sports rentals, but the receptionist behind the desk wasn’t very forthcoming about information for either. When we checked in, she barely seemed interested.

There was good customer service from several men at Battenkill Riversports and Campground, however. They were friendly, with tans and sun bleached hair, filled with an exhilaration that only the fresh air when it is coupled with recreation can create.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground advertise drop offs for boat and tube rentals leaving every hour, but we were all checked in by 10:20 am. Instead of having to wait 40 minutes to leave however, one man offered to take us and another group up as soon as we were ready, and even gave my baby boy a tiny, child-sized paddle all his own. (Which wasn’t a great idea in retrospect as he just wanted to throw it in the water, but still, it was a nice gesture.)

We did have to bring our own life jacket for our 17 month old baby as they didn’t have any in such a small size, which I luckily had the foresight to do despite the woman on the phone when I called earlier reassuring me that I didn’t need to.

The Battenkill Riversports and Campground van ride to our drop-off point was short but the worn shocks made it into the first time we would encounter the feeling of being on waves that day. We seemed to swerve in and out of the lines on the road, and the tension in my husband’s face as he held our baby on his lap was increasing with every passing minute.

At our drop off point, he helped unload the Battenkill Riversports and Campground van and he and another passenger carried the boats down the short slope to the water. From there we floated along the gentle waters, paddling occasionally out of the way of the rocks for over an hour before we banked the canoe and rested to stretch our legs.

Bringing a toddler on a canoe is a daring attempt, as you never know how they are going to behave. My 17 month old was uncomfortable wearing a stuffy lifejacket and irritated by the relentless sun. The canoe we rented from Battenkill Riversports and Campground was large and clean however, and for the majority of the trip he was patient and seemed to be enjoying himself.

The level of the river water is important as in some spots the water is so shallow you can’t help but run aground in a canoe. These are the times when flipping the canoe is most likely, and must be maneuvered with caution. The flat bottom Battenkill Riversports and Campground canoe that we rented handled the shallow water well and only got hung up twice and only briefly.

We had selected the shortest trip offered by Battenkill Riversports and Campground: 1 ½ hours. With a variety of trip lengths offered, the longer you go, the better per hour rate it seems to be. However, with the little one’s patience a priority, we chose the shortest one and a good thing too because it ended up being twice as long as we had expected. We didn’t pull into the well-marked river exit at Battenkill Riversports and Campground until approximately 1:30pm (making it about a 3 hour ride).

It’s a good ¼ mile walk from the river exit back up to the Battenkill Riversports and Campground office to return the life jackets and paddles, so be prepared for that.

Overall, it was a great trip. We will definitely be visiting Battenkill Riversports and Campground again and again.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground

Neighborhood: Cambridge
Cambridge, NY 12816
United States of America