Most Relaxing Vacation Ever: Why You Should Rent a Cabin

Some vacations are frenetic excursions of extended travel to far-off locations, complete with a long itinerary of things to do, attractions to visit and souvenirs to buy.

If you’ve ever come home from a vacation feeling exhausted from the whirlwind and like you need another vacation to recover from the one you just took, you may want to consider the relaxed, easy pace and lazy comfort of a cabin rental vacation. Read on for reasons why renting a cabin, sometimes also marketed as a chalet or a cottage, can lead to the best, most relaxing vacation you’ve ever taken.

Enjoy Nature at Your Own Relaxed Pace

Generally, cabin rental vacations are popular in regions where the main attraction is the Great Outdoors. Lakes, oceans, woods, waterfalls, mountains, canyons, wildlife habitats — you’ll never need a reservation to feast your senses on Mother Nature’s best offerings. Oftentimes you won’t even need to venture out of your cabin to catch the show. Simply roll out of bed, stretch, and open the curtains.

Should you want to interact with nature on this, your most relaxing vacation ever, many cabin rental destinations feature outdoor activities a short hike or drive from your cozy accommodations. You’ll usually find hiking trails, boat rentals, livery stables for horseback riding, and unpopulated beaches for swimming or fishing nearby. In the wintertime, pack your skis for cross-country or downhill skiing. The under-developed areas that host vacation cabins also frequently feature magnificent stargazing, far from city lights.

Avoid the Stress of Airports

The United States includes many millions of acres outside of the nation’s metropolitan areas that are still largely unspoiled or only minimally developed. That being the case, nearly every American lives within a day’s drive of a prospective cabin rental retreat area.

Simply perform an Internet search of “your state” plus “cabins” or “cabin rentals” to get started in your search for a vacation cabin rental. Depending on where you live, you may want to broaden or narrow your search to find a suitable cabin within a reasonable driving distance. To broaden your search you may try something like “east coast cabin rentals” or “Great Lakes cabin rentals.” To narrow your search, you might try “Smoky Mountain cabin rentals,” “Lake Michigan cabin rentals,” or “California wine country cabin rentals.”

You’ll generally be able to book your vacation cabin online, just as you can book airline tickets, however cabin proprietors don’t require you to stand in line for a security screening nor do they limit how much luggage you can bring.

Keep Your Suitcase Light

Speaking of luggage, you might worry that packing for a cabin vacation will require you to include too many things you needn’t pack when staying at a hotel.

While it’s true that you will most likely have to pack groceries, most vacation cabin rentals now include many or all of the comforts of home. In many cases, cabin proprietors will supply linens and towels, paper products, kitchen and cook ware, hand soap, hair dryers and the like. Some cabins are even outfitted with washers and dryers, as well as dishwashers, and the appropriate detergents for each.

Make sure that you are well aware of what your rented cabin includes when you are booking it. If there is a not a list of furnished items on the cabin’s website, contact the proprietor and ask for one.

The Price Is Right

Cabin rental prices vary according to region, just as hotel rooms or airplane flights do. They will also vary according to the size of the cabin, as some are designed for only two guests while other cabins can accommodate up to a dozen or more people.

What you will find, though, is that many vacation cabins are available for a nightly rate that is comparable to what it would cost your party to stay in a good-to-excellent hotel in the same region. A cabin rental may be even cheaper per person if you’re vacationing with a larger, family-sized group, making a cabin vacation the best, most relaxing vacation available on a modest budget.

You can expect to pay a little more during peak vacation season, but prices should still be competitive with hotel costs, and cabins offer many more amenities than typical hotel rooms provide.

Relax as a Couple or a Family

A vacation cabin built for two is often the perfect, romantic couple’s getaway. Imagine soaking in an outdoor hot tub under the stars, secluded in a woodsy setting with no one else around except for maybe a deer or an owl or two. Afterward, dry off in front of your cabin’s gas or wood-burning fireplace.

Larger cabins are an excellent venue for a family vacation. Cabin proprietors that cater to families and other large groups may arrange their cabins in a more resort-style setting, with the cabins closer to one another for a more socially interactive atmosphere. Cabin vacationers may share communal beach fronts or swimming pools, fire pits, outdoor grills, board games and assorted sports equipment for rent; or each individual cabin may be outfitted with some of those things.

Each cabin, chalet or cottage you come across in your search for a vacation cabin rental will be slightly different from the next, so don’t be afraid to keep looking until you find the perfect place that will indeed host the best, most relaxing vacation you’ve ever taken.

Green Tips for Eco-friendly Camping

Camping can be a great experience for both you and your family. After all, it gets the kids away from electronics and video games and also lets parents relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Camping also is a great time to go green and reduce your carbon footprint. And what could be better than going green when you’re outside? So before you pack up for your next trip to the great outdoors, check out these eco-friendly tips to make your camping experience greener.

Ditch the Disposables

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a camping trip where we didn’t use disposable flatware. However, it’s important to remember that many disposable and plastic dishes and flatware are not the best for the environment. Think of it this way: they use fuel and paper or oil to produce and they’ll most likely end up in landfills and take years and years to break down into the soil. It’s much better just to use reusable dishes and silverware that can be easy washed with water and biodegradable soap after dinner.

Stick to Your Campsite

Campsites are designated as such for a good reason. They are clearings of land that have been specially made for tents, bonfires, picnic tables, and more. They often don’t have threatened or endangered plant species on them either. Because of this, they’re ideal for camping and they’re what you should stick to when pitching a tent. It might seem like a better idea to find your own campsite where it’s flatter or where there is more shade, but it’s important to remain on your campsite. You could be harming plants and other species if you decide to camp elsewhere.

Go Biodegradable

While you’re camping, it may be a good idea to wash your clothes, your body, or your flatware. In that case, it’s also good to use biodegradable soap too. Biodegradable soap is much easier on the environment and it also biodegrades much easier too. There are tons of great brands out there, but I personally love Coleman’s Biodegradable Soap, which sells for around $4 for 2 ounces. It smells great and is good for the environment. Not only that, but it’s for numerous uses too!

Clean Up

The number one rule about sustainable and green camping is to not leave a trace. You shouldn’t leave any garbage or harm any plant or wildlife while you’re camping. This can means things as simple as bringing your own fire wood instead of searching for it within the woods. It also means bringing your own garbage bags and taking your trash with you or disposing of it in the proper waste containers that are available within the park.

Go Organic

There are so many different ways you can go organic when camping. You can buy organic camping or hiking clothing, food, bug spray, sun block, and more. Organic uses no pesticides when farming, so there is no pesticide runoff into nearby bodies of water. Organic also uses sustainable farming practices to protect from soil erosion. So buy organic for your next camping trip!

Review: Canoe Rental from Battenkill Riversports and Campground

This review is based on my own personal experience and opinions.
I called Battenkill Riversports and Campground on Wednesday to get a canoe rental for that Saturday and the woman I spoke with said I didn’t need one as no one had made reservations for Father’s Day weekend.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground rents canoes, kayaks and inner tubes for use on the Battenkill River. Battenkill Riversports and Campground staff drive you up and drop you off upriver and you float down to an exit point at the campground. You can then return your rentals or camp in a tent, cabin or RV site by the river.

The holiday weekend forecast was going to be sunny, hot and muggy; the perfect day for hanging out at the river and I thought it was strange that no one had made reservations for a canoe at Battenkill Riversports and Campground.

The large brown Battenkill Riversports and Campground sign, with a real red and yellow kayak hanging from it like a hammock, beckoned us to turn several miles down Route 313, just outside of Cambridge, NY.

Then I saw why we didn’t need a reservation for a boat rental at Battenkill Riversports and Campground. Down a short driveway is a small shed encased on all sides by camping and recreation equipment. Mounds of yellow and green inner tubes are piled up outside, almost as high as the roof. Next to those, there is a ménage of ancient passenger vans, each one towing a boat rack with no less than a dozen canoes and kayaks each. An adjacent smaller shed houses an array of paddles and life jackets. Out front, at least 50 mesh bags of firewood stood guard.

The shed at Battenkill Riversports and Campground houses the office for both the campground and the river sports rentals, but the receptionist behind the desk wasn’t very forthcoming about information for either. When we checked in, she barely seemed interested.

There was good customer service from several men at Battenkill Riversports and Campground, however. They were friendly, with tans and sun bleached hair, filled with an exhilaration that only the fresh air when it is coupled with recreation can create.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground advertise drop offs for boat and tube rentals leaving every hour, but we were all checked in by 10:20 am. Instead of having to wait 40 minutes to leave however, one man offered to take us and another group up as soon as we were ready, and even gave my baby boy a tiny, child-sized paddle all his own. (Which wasn’t a great idea in retrospect as he just wanted to throw it in the water, but still, it was a nice gesture.)

We did have to bring our own life jacket for our 17 month old baby as they didn’t have any in such a small size, which I luckily had the foresight to do despite the woman on the phone when I called earlier reassuring me that I didn’t need to.

The Battenkill Riversports and Campground van ride to our drop-off point was short but the worn shocks made it into the first time we would encounter the feeling of being on waves that day. We seemed to swerve in and out of the lines on the road, and the tension in my husband’s face as he held our baby on his lap was increasing with every passing minute.

At our drop off point, he helped unload the Battenkill Riversports and Campground van and he and another passenger carried the boats down the short slope to the water. From there we floated along the gentle waters, paddling occasionally out of the way of the rocks for over an hour before we banked the canoe and rested to stretch our legs.

Bringing a toddler on a canoe is a daring attempt, as you never know how they are going to behave. My 17 month old was uncomfortable wearing a stuffy lifejacket and irritated by the relentless sun. The canoe we rented from Battenkill Riversports and Campground was large and clean however, and for the majority of the trip he was patient and seemed to be enjoying himself.

The level of the river water is important as in some spots the water is so shallow you can’t help but run aground in a canoe. These are the times when flipping the canoe is most likely, and must be maneuvered with caution. The flat bottom Battenkill Riversports and Campground canoe that we rented handled the shallow water well and only got hung up twice and only briefly.

We had selected the shortest trip offered by Battenkill Riversports and Campground: 1 ½ hours. With a variety of trip lengths offered, the longer you go, the better per hour rate it seems to be. However, with the little one’s patience a priority, we chose the shortest one and a good thing too because it ended up being twice as long as we had expected. We didn’t pull into the well-marked river exit at Battenkill Riversports and Campground until approximately 1:30pm (making it about a 3 hour ride).

It’s a good ¼ mile walk from the river exit back up to the Battenkill Riversports and Campground office to return the life jackets and paddles, so be prepared for that.

Overall, it was a great trip. We will definitely be visiting Battenkill Riversports and Campground again and again.

Battenkill Riversports and Campground

Neighborhood: Cambridge
Cambridge, NY 12816
United States of America