3 Weekend Escapes from Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri

I love to travel, however the best thing is when you find the perfect getaway and the costs are reasonable, it is close to home and it gives you an escape from your everyday pressures and stress.One of my favorite local getaway spots here in Western Kentucky is most any of the lodges in the area. Not only are they fairly reasonable in price but they provide a complete getaway from everyday distractions. Some even come without a TV, which is almost unheard of. I love the close proximity to the lake, hiking trails and other wildlife attractions. Not to mention most lodge areas are fine just enjoying the roughing it aspect without the whole camping thing. The lodges in this area are equipped with showers, real beds and picnic areas with grills. The kitchen areas are small but reasonably equipped and there are refrigerators for all your food.

1. One of my favorites that fits the bill and is low in price is Ken Oak Resort in Aurora. Ken Oak Resort is located at 16918 US Highway 68 East in Aurora. Ken Oak is not far from Murray, it’s in a small rural community, which has anything you may need and it’s fairly close to most of the lake attractions. The lodge offers a varied range in prices but for a quick getaway like a weekend stay the lodge offers a perfect place in which to just enjoy the great outdoors, grill and relax from everything. I personally have even been there in the off season to just have a night away from all the hustle and bustle of the Murray. The best time to go is early in the season before it gets too hot I would say about the last of May and you can expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 75 per night for different lodges.
They do have packages available for extended stay and offer plenty of help with most any request.
Ken Oak Resort

This kind of getaway is one that offers the most least expensive trip ever. Wildlife costs nothing, swimming costs nothing and the two nights cost approximately 125.00 so for some sun and relaxation a weekend at a lodge is something that can’t be beat.

2. Another hot destination area in this region is Nashville, TN. The whole town offers plenty to do however for me I usually go for the simpler things such as shopping in the exquisite malls, the laid back nightlife venues and the mouthwatering dining options Nashville has to offer. While most people travel to Nashville for the country music and the sports venues such as the Nashville Titans, I enjoy just the numerous options that the city holds. Most of the time you can find me staying just out of the city at a reasonably priced hotel such as the Days Inn North which is located at 3312 Dickerson Pike in Nashville and close to the Opryland area. The prices are reasonable most of the time I can find rooms around 70 dollars and I have even walked in without reservations at times. For information and reservations call 615-228-3421.

Opry Mills is close by which a breathtaking humongous mall. The Opry Mills Outlet Mall has almost every store you could ever want under one gigantic city like atmosphere. It houses everything from restaurants to an enormous theater and everything in between. For information about mall hours and directions call 615-514-1000.

Another great site to take in while in Nashville is the Bourbon Street Blues Bar which is located at 220 Printers Alley in the Nashville downtown district. For information and reservations call 615-242-5837. The place is great have a drink, kick back and listen to some great music along with some good Cajun cooking selections. The restaurant selections are reasonably priced and all you have to do is give me a drink and a Po’Boy sandwich and I’m good to listen even to just the house band.

Whenever I go to Nashville, I can usually get by on a simple 200.00 price tag. The trick is watch what you spend and enjoy the sights more than spending your hard earned buck.

Bourbon Street Blues Bar
Opry Mills website
Days Inn Booking

3. My last getaway idea is one that is another easy selection and that is St. Louis, Missouri. I love the town and it brings back memories every time I go. It isn’t far from Murray only about a four hour jaunt and has plenty of attractions adults and kids. When visiting St. Louis as in the way I am with Nashville, you can commonly find me at some big mall checking out all the latest shopping trends and sightseeing. As well as I love visiting the St. Louis Zoo and Six Flags.

St. Louis Zoo located at 1 Government Dr. in St. Louis and a little known tip is the zoo has free admission for the first hour it is open each day. Otherwise prices are about five dollars in admission and the best time to go is the last of May, right after the season opening. Zoo

Six Flags is another hot ticket in St. Louis and is one of the biggest amusement parks in our region. I have been going to Six Flags all of my life first as a kid myself with my folks and then with my own children and now even as an older adult I still enjoy going through the park and seeing all the shows. Shows I never got to see when my kids were young because they were dragging me to all their favorite rides.

Six Flags is located at 4900 Six Flags Rd in Eureka, Missouri which is about 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis. First of June is an ideal time to visit before it gets too hot. If you buy tickets online you get a better price and you can usually expect it to be around 35 dollars a ticket for a day full of fun, of course if you are making it a two day or two attraction ticket the cost goes up. I usually pass on the water park attraction but only because my kids are all now grown, the water park was great when they were younger. Six Flags is full of roller-coasters, shows, games, restaurants and fun. Six Flags

For sleeping arrangements just catch any one of their numerous hotels in the area between Six Flags and the loop around St. Louis works the best. Another tip is if you’ve never been to the city see as much as you can the city is great and has a number of attractions just pick what is ever more your style. My overall cost for a weekend jaunt to St. Louis usually ranges about 300.00 or so.